FUCK YEAH! 2014 - the calendar!

© Sascha Wüstefeld 2013


A weekly calendar in full color. Curated by the fantastic Schlogger and illustrated by 57 amazing german illustrators! And I was asked to do the cover! THANKS! It was a lot of fun!

Wanna now more about this calendar or even (woo-hoooo!) ORDER it? Just click here! >>KWIMBI webshop got you covered! :)


»Das UPgrade« vol. II – OUT NOW!

© Sascha Wüstefeld | Ulf S. Graupner 2013

OUT NOW - »Das UPgrade«, vol. II by Sascha Wüstefeld & Ulf S. Graupner! Volume 2 of 10. 52 pages in full color! Available everywhere in Germany! See more about it here: www.facebook.com/DasUpgrade or www.DasUPgrade.blogspot.com.

More news are on the way!

  • »Das UPgrade«, volume 2
  • story: Ulf S. Graupner & Sascha Wüstefeld
  • drawings & artwork: Sascha Wüstefeld
  • graphic design: Ulf S. Graupner
  • softcover, color, 52 pages
  • publisher: zitty Verlag Berlin, 2013
  • ISBN 978-3922158103
  • 9,90 EUR, available in the book store around your corner or here: AMAZON.de

New comic book »Das UPgrade« is OUT NOW!

© Sascha Wüstefeld | Ulf S. Graupner 2012

OUT NOW - »Das UPgrade« by Sascha Wüstefeld & Ulf S. Graupner! Volume 1 of 10. 52 pages in full color! Available everywhere in Germany! See more about it here: www.facebook.com/DasUpgrade or www.DasUPgrade.blogspot.com.

More news are on the way!

  • »Das UPgrade«, volume 1
  • story: Ulf S. Graupner & Sascha Wüstefeld
  • drawings & artwork: Sascha Wüstefeld
  • graphic design: Ulf S. Graupner
  • softcover, color, 52 pages
  • publisher: zitty Verlag Berlin, 2012
  • ISBN 978-3922158028
  • 9,90 EUR, available in the book store around your corner or here: AMAZON.de

The SorgenfresserCHEN hit stores in March!

Here is some news for you! The Sorgenfresser, which Gerd Hahn and Sascha Wüstefeld created in 2008, get some nice addition to the family! The SorgenfresserCHEN! Designed to fit right into your pocket, with a big hungry zipper mouth to eat up all your worries! The dolls are produced again by our great partner Schmidt Spiele!

The SorgenfresserCHEN will be available from March 20, 2012, everywhere in Germany! Go and get one if you can :)

Sascha Wüstefeld also is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sascha.wuestefeld


© Sascha Wüstefeld/Gerhard Hahn 2012


Here's again some stuff from the vault of projetcts, I did two or three years ago. I hope it's still interesting to see, what I did back then. In this case it was character design for a stone age game for the Nintendo DS. I was working together with Tivola, Rockabyte and Hahn Film and it was really a lot of fun! You can buy the game here - it's really quite some fun to play. For more pictures, just click here >>


INTERVIEW im ICOM COMIC!-Jahrbuch 2012!




Ab sofort erhältlich: Das neue ICOM COMIC!-Jahrbuch 2012 mit einem großen, umfangreich bebilderten und einfach coolen Interview mit den beiden deutschen Comiczeichnern Thorsten Kiecker und Sascha Wüstefeld! Zu koofen jibt's det Teil hier >>

©ICOM 2012


GEOlino extra - Griechische Sagen

Ab sofort erhältlich: Ein absolutes Mammut-Projekt im aktuellen GEOlino extra, zum  Thema "Griechische Sagen". Mehr als 80 Illustrationen und Karten von Sascha Wüstefeld auf 14 Seiten. Odysseus, Herakles, Ikarus und vieles mehr. Ankieken und koofen!

©Sascha Wüstefeld 2011


Paul und Lena

©Sascha Wüstefeld 2011

Bereits seit 2010 erhältlich und speziell für Schulklassenbesuche konzipiert, ist der Quizfächer für den Sächsischen Landtag. In Zusammenarbeit mit der Dresdner Werbeagentur "Ö-Grafik", entwarf Sascha Wüstefeld die beiden Maskottchen Paul und Lena, sowie den frechen Hund Knolle. Gemeinsam mit den Kindern gehen sie auf Entdeckungstour im Landtag und beantworten Fragen rund um das Thema "Demokratie".

Für mehr Infos - hier klicken! >>>


© all by Sascha Wuestefeld if not stated otherwise


Publication: GEOlino extra - Liebe!

©Sascha Wüstefeld 2011

Ab sofort erhältlich: Das neue GEOlino extra zum großen Thema Liebe. Unter anderem mit vier Comic-Kurzgeschichten über wahnsinnig berühmte Liebespaare. Romeo und Julia (Simon Schwartz), King Kong und die weiße Frau (Max Fiedler), Aschenputtel und der Prinz (Michael Hacker) und Paris und Helena - mein Beitrag. Ab an den Kiosk, Leute!


The Sorgenfresser™ hit the stores!

©Hahn Film AG, Helle Freude GmbH, Sascha Wüstefeld, Schmidt Spiele 2011

In 2008 Sascha Wuestefeld, Gerhard Hahn and Anke Loose came up with an idea, that started small back then, but grows bigger and bigger now. The Sorgenfresser, funny plush dolls with a big zipper mouth, made to eat up all your worries. Or, as the Sorgenfresser put it themselves: "We eet you worrees!". Schmidt Spiele - the big german toy brand, were the first to get the licence - so now, those guys are available all over Germany's toy stores. So - get your own little friend. They will like you, even if you have no worries at all. :)


all images © Sascha Wüstefeld 2011


all images © Sascha Wüstefeld 2011


©Helle Freude GmbH 2010

"Gewitter-Ritter" - the new Sorgenfresser™-Picture-Book by Gerhard Hahn and Sascha Wuestefeld ist out! Scared of thunderstorms? Afraid of lightnings? Get your Sorgenfresser™ now and let him eat up your worries!

Available for pre-order here ->>



CLASH (a.k.a. Die Früchte der Heuchelei) - ein Dokumentarfilm-Projekt von Jakob. D. Weydemann, hat in diesem Jahr das hochdotierte "Gerd Ruge Projekt-Stipendium" erhalten. Das visuelle Konzept zum Film stammt von Sascha Wuestefeld!

Mehr dazu gibt's hier  -->>



all images © 2010 Hahn Film AG / Weydemann Brothers / Greyhound Studios

A Co-Production between Hahn Film AG and Weydemann Brothers. Based on original photographs from the actual event, Sascha Wuestefeld created a strong visual concept for the forthcoming animated documentary "CLASH" (a.k.a. "The Fruits Of Hypocrisy").

Excerpt from hahnfilm.com:

"An animated cinema-documentary about illegal african immigrants, working on fruit plantations in the south of Italy. Based on the brutal riots in January 2010 between african and italian villagers in the Calabrian small town Rosarno. The movie creates a complex image of the humanitarian catastrophy, ending up with the africans being deported..."

Jakob Weydemann (Script and Direction)
Jonas Weydemann (Producer)
Sascha Wuestefeld (Visual Concept/Artwork)


Sascha Wuestefeld was part of this funny little book project called "Vorletzte Geräusche - die ultimative Chronik des angekündigten Ablebens".  [for our english speaking readers: Second Last Sounds: an ultimative chronicle of death to come].

It was initated from the guys of the Weildarum-Verlag in Berlin and will be available just now. So - go for it!

UPDATE! Of course you can find "Vorletzte Geräusche" at the Comic-Salon in Erlangen from the 3rd to the 6th of June on booth 39, where Sascha Wuestefeld will also sign a few copies of the book.


© by Sascha Wuestefeld 2010

Written by Dirk Seliger and drawn by Sascha Wuestefeld in the very best old-school Mosaik-Style, this 8-paged Comic will be published as a part of most appreciated Mosaik-Fanzine "Mosa-icke", issue no. 14. Buy your copy in Erlangen at the MOSAIK-booth! Sascha Wuestefeld will be there to sign it.

If you're lucky.

UPDATE! Due to problems with the printing house Mosa-icke No. 14 will be late. Stay tuned for more updates - it is still scheduled to be out for Erlangen, but not on the 3rd but on the weekend. Sascha Wuestefeld will be there anyway.


Sorgenfresser-Shop online! Click here >>

The Sorgenfresser are toys designed by Sascha Wuestefeld and Gerhard Hahn - meant to eat up your worries!


"KEINE ANGST, LILLY!" - my first illustrated children's book is finally out!

Sascha Wuestefeld in collaboration with Mario Kuchinke-Hofer! And Gerhard Hahn - yes, THE Gerhard Hahn from Hahnfilm - wrote the cute story about a girl who can not sleep.

Actually The Sorgenfresser™, or BooBoo Dolls as these guys are called in English, are much more than just a book. You can buy them as super-soft plushs and there is a TV-series about to come! Just click on the bluish thing on the left to see the trailer and more about The Sorgenfresser™! 

Authentic only with the ZIPPER-mouth!

Sorgenfresser © 2009 Hahn Film AG / Helle Freude GmbH


Sascha Wuestefeld - Publication: "Comix & Beer"

Comicstammtisch Leipzig - 100 ganz legale Comicrightverletzungen

Alright folks! Here comes the next thing. Thomas "Thowi" Wilde from the Mosaik Fanclub ALEX invited me to be a part of that beautiful project he was doing for the 100th Comicstammtisch in Leipzig: Comix & Beer, a nice collection of comics, done by artists and folks, somehow related to the Mosaik and the fandom around it. Well, as it goes I have done two pages in this nice issue. I forced myself to spend only one day of work for both, to get something like a rough and undergroundy look - hope you like them!

Catch a glimpse below.

  "Comix & Beer"

  • EUR 4,50 plus EUR 1,50 shipping within Germany
  • softcover, b/w, 60 pages, limited to 500 copies only!
  • editor: Thomas Wilde // publisher: Mosaik Fanclub Alex
  • order them here

Dig, Dag and Digedag - © by - YES! - Hannes Hegen


Dig, Dag and Digedag - © by - again! - Hannes Hegen


Sascha Wuestefeld - Publication: "Wäscher - Pionier der Comics"

Merket auf, Ihr Leut'! Edition 52 has released the hommage comic book "Wäscher - Pionier der Comics", a compilation of tribute pages to the german comic pioneer Hansrudi Wäscher, contributed by more than 40 german comic artists. I have done a page as well, dealing with aging heroes and aging dreams.


 "Wäscher - Pionier der Comics"

  • EUR 13,00
  • softcover, color, 60 pages
  • editor: Gerhard Schlegel // publisher: Edition 52
  • ISBN-10: 3935229747 // ISBN-13: 978-3935229746

http://greyhoundstudios.de/fileadmin/user_upload/teaser/Click.jpgUPDATE: Have a look at the beanbag-chair, designed by Sascha Wuestefeld for the Comic Festival in Munich this year. :)    Order yours now! Limited to 10 pieces only!


back issues of Mad Sonja (... to be continued!)

Being the first german comic team ever bought in from the Walt Disney Company, the Greyhound Studios are proud to present you their p!nk-!nk-girl-comic-series "Mad Sonja"! Check out the "Mad Sonja"-Spezial, the interview with Sascha Wüstefeld and the article in the "MAZ" if you want to know more.

Just something more: The story does NOT end with issue six. Disney still has not published all the pages we made for them. There are 150+, as yet unpublished pages of Mad Sonja. They contain the end of the first storyline. Disney decided to put Mad Sonja on stand-by, but of course we hope that at least the missing pages (150 pages are a lot!) will be published someday. If the italian readers want to read the rest of the story, please contact Disney (via W.I.T.C.H. magazine or the Witch-Blog) and help us convincing them. At least to publish the whole story as a "volume compilato".

In Germany the situation is different and the chances are better to get all the story published. Jeeezzzzz... It's all so complicated. We just want to be comic drawers, not managers.

Anyway: Fingers crossed!

Sascha Wuestefeld


Mad Sonja issues #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6

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